General Comments for Season 2008-2009

We’d love to hear your comments about the Marlow Guitar Season 2008-2009 overall.

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Marlow Guitar International (formerly International Conservatory of Music) presents the John E. Marlow Guitar Series: Presenting Guitarists from all over the world! Posts written by Meagan Healy and edited by MGI, unless otherwise indicated.

2 thoughts on “General Comments for Season 2008-2009”

  1. I love the Marlow series-great site also to be at Westmoreland Church-it’s becoming a familiar space to all of us-that elevated stage is too elevated and too bulky/large. But church is great-I do have to start bringing my own pillow though-those pews are mighty hard…


  2. The series is always top-notch. I especially find the attentive and appreciative audience a big plus.
    Even though I love guitar and obviously that’s why I come, I especially enjoyed the concert with Nadav Lev and Maya Lahyani. Her voice was SO beautiful. I would love to hear her again, but that probably would require a trip to NY.

    Thanks for all your years of hard work on this series.

    Janet Hogenauer


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