Carlos Perez – November 14th, 2009

When we looked at the program proposal from Carlos Perez, we realized he was playing music by composers we knew but music we didn’t know.  Take Carulli for instance.  In my experience, the music of Carulli is very transparent…there’s just no place to hide and very classically organized.   It takes so much talent and musical heart to play that music well, and that is just what Carlos did.  He made it sound interesting enough to hear and then to want to take the time to learn to play.   He proceeded to play the challenging music of the Argentine virtuoso, Julio Sagreras, and included a largely unknown piece by one of the series’ favorite composers, Agustin Barrios.

We are so lucky to have been able to host Carlos and to see what he can do with a wooden box and six strings.  What a miracle!

As you know, I am inclined to this music so it’s not surprising I enjoy it.  Won’t you please note your comments below and let’s begin a dialogue online that will enrich us all, as we share our thoughts and impressions of the music we are so lucky to hear played live in concert.


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