Trio Bolero – January 29th, 2011

The reunion of “Trio Bolero” brought three good friends and musicians together to play spirited and passionate music, arranged by Miroslav Loncar but tweaked in rehearsals by all three players.  Rebekah, the cellist, noted that all the music they play pre-dates the computer-generated sheet music of today.  It’s all hand written! And as a testament to the professional habits of fine performers who hadn’t seen each other in 13 years, all of their music was intact as they reassembled to perform last night’s program.

The majestic sounds of the cello offered a sweet and wonderful companion to the rich and sprightly guitars as they romped in the delightful music of Bartok, Rachmaninoff, Faure, Boccherini, the Bizet, Gnattali and our good friends, Vivaldi and Gershwin.

Two encores and a standing ovation brought the audience to their feet for a rousing thank you to the musical banquet offered by the “Trio Bolero”.

– Tim



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