Gift Ideas: Tim Healy mentions these classical guitar CDs

In response to a query from Anne Midgette, [The Washington Post blog, “Classical Beat”], “Gift list: What does a person who “likes classical music” really like?”, Tim Healy replies:

“Hi Anne,

If you can figure out what it means to listen to classical music, you will go to the head of the class.

Classical means to some the music around the time of Mozart in the “classical time.” Or it might mean “I appreciate the finer things but can’t articulate it any better than in general terms.”  Or it might mean “I appreciate whatever wallpaper music I hear that doesn’t have words.”  (…recognizing that commercial music producers are looking at a kind of Pavlovian marketing that suggests that people tend to groove to music in a particular key and at a particular wave range.)

I have read that Muzak and others re-score and replay a lot of elevator and supermarket music to reflect that tonality, usually one octave higher than the music was generally written.) Possibly this is paranoia, memo to check Snopes hoax.

Anyway, we (ICM: The John E. Marlow Guitar Series) get a fair number of guitar CDs ourselves and listen to many of them each season for our artistic selection committee.

We have recently enjoyed John Feeley’s CD of “The Immigrant’s Song” presenting classical guitar music arrangements of works mentioned in the writings of James Joyce (catching both the literary and the musical in the same cd), a new CD by the Duo Amaral called, “Textura”, a CD called “Merengue” by Grammy nominated Carlos Barbosa-Lima, and an old two CD set by Roland Dyens called, “Chanson francaises, volumes 1 and 2” which feature Roland’s delightful arrangements of music made famous by Edith Piaf, and other great French contemporary Trouveres.

If these don’t thrill the 30 year old who loves classical music, she could sample 18 different cuts of music we have produced this year taken live from our classical guitar series, in the CD topically called, “Marlow Guitar Series Favorites” including performances by Carlos Perez (Chile) Marco Socias (Spain), Ana Vidovic (Croatia) Margarita Escarpa (Spain) and many others.  Or she may be way more profound than I am giving her credit for.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.”

– A note: These are just some suggestions of CDs by Tim Healy, selected in order to answer the question (see the original blog post for the specific two-part question). There are, of course, many more wonderful classical music CDs, the entirety of which are not possible to mention here.

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