Second Review for Zoran Dukic, Classical Guitar performance


Zoran’s program was a delight from the first note to the last. I was seated in the far back of the balcony and was in awe of his sound, with no amplification the sound resonated through the whole church providing us with a mesmerizing evening of music.

He opened with a strikingly difficult piece, the Jose Sonata and dispensed with it with great verve and panache. It’s not an easy piece for performer or novice listener, but Zoran was able to play it beautifully, the best live rendition I have ever heard.

More well-known repertoire by Malats and Barrios followed which was somewhat less remarkable, but, again, he applied his unique sound and personality to these warhorses. The first half ended with Dusan Bogdanovic’s Balkan Miniatures, wonderful musical sketches, flawlessly played.

The second half opened with a Sonata by Ourkouzounov, I’d never heard it but would love to hear it again. A wonderful addition to the guitar repertoire. A hypnotic homage to Bach by Gerard Drozd followed which featured two intertwining contrapuntal lines, with a baroque style pedal bass; it is a wonderful composition that left most of us holding our breath throughout.

Next up were two transcriptions of Piazzolla and they were total show pieces for Zoran. He was completely at home with them, possibly showing, to me at least, his best playing of the evening. The last piecers by Tadic are starting to become more well-known, very memorable, particularly the Macedonian Girl, its been ringing around in my head ever since.

by Charles Mokotoff

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