December Fun!

© 2015 Meagan Healy - Two Guitarists
© 2015 Meagan Healy – Two Guitarists

It’s December and it’s cold, chilly, it gets dark at 4pm and EVERYONE is having parties on the SAME day. Sometimes, it would be nice to just sit back and RELAX.

Had a conversation recently with one of our Board Members, Duane Morse.

What was the last movie you saw?

“I’ve been watching a lot of music related documentaries, lately”.

Really! Which ones?

We loved the list of ideas, so we crowd-sourced a few other Board Members and Directors and came up with a nice assortment of documentaries, movies, and shows that represent all kinds of music, not only classical.

We will be posting the titles, one-a-day on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, for as long as the list lasts, starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 10th.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these :

  • Have you seen them?
  • What did you think?
  • Do you have one that you would definitely recommend and why?
  • Did they offer any insights into the music business for you?

Will create a blog post with the entire list at the end of December, including 2 Andrés Segovia documentaries (available for online streaming) as a treat.

Warm up, stay warm, and enjoy the recommendations!

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