Pepe Romero – October 24th, 2009

From a presenter’s viewpoint, having a sold out performance is a sweet event, particularly when the hall is a good sized one with a large balcony for overflow audience.   In this particular event, we were thrilled to have our great friend and virtuoso, Pepe Romero, come once again to play for our friends, both old and new.  Getting to hear Pepe in person is a rare treat, as he plays great music meant to be savored and re-visited in our memories in days to come.  Take the Capricho Arabe, as an example.  When Pepe plays that piece, the music and his playing have a way of stripping away time and space, and for a few moments, we are lost in the world of southern Spain, among the Arabs and the oriental souks in the lands that held the Arabs, Jews and Christians in relative peace for over 800 years.  And the Recuerdos de la Alhambra…another evocative piece that seems to lift us from our daily lives and transport us to such distant climes and times…all rather breathtaking but we’re back in time for the reception afterwards and a moment to speak with the pilot of our world travel himself and get his autograph on one of his cds.  We are embarking on a new system of reviews here…won’t you include your thoughts and feelings, please?

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