Photo Gallery: Montgomery County Executive Ball, 2016

The International Conservatory of Music: John E Marlow Guitar Series (represented by Directors & some Board Members) visited the Montgomery County Executive’s Ball this evening (Sunday, December 4, 2016) to celebrate the arts and, more specifically, to talk up our classical guitar programs in this area. 

(Also, see the last two pictures, the organizers were raffling off some door prizes – does their Raffle whirligig look familiar to anyone?)

Artistic Director, Danielle Cumming & Education & Outreach Director, João Figurirôa.

Board Member Duane Morse & Diane Morse

Board Members Charlotte Kuenen and David Kirstein

Board Member William Herrmann and Friend of the Series Tomoko Shinagawa

(This attendee’s identity is unknown but as I approached, I distinctly heard Tim Healy mention Zoran Dukić’s name.)

Susan Healy, Board Emeritus and William Herrmann, Board Member

Audience Review: Rene Izquierdo, CUBA

A couple with season tickets gave their friends a pair of tickets to experience Rene Izquierdo’s performance and this is what they said after the concert:

Cuban Guitars Rock!

At least one of them truly does.

Rene Izquierdo performed a dazzling array of Cuban and European guitar compositions to a full house last evening at the Westmoreland UCC church.  We loved every moment and thank you for the privilege of attending — in second row seats, no less.

Izquierdo introduced virtually every composition he played, providing his audience with helpful background.  The printed program added more.

Izquierdo’s mastery of his instrument was notable throughout the evening,
sometimes sounding like a harp, sometimes a harpsichord, sometimes a
dulcimer or a viola.  Amazing.

Thank you again,
Steve and Pat

Classical Guitarist Rene Izquierdo, Cuba

Welcome to the picture gallery for the performance by Rene Izquierdo, classical guitarist from Cuba. This includes photos of the pre-concert lecture by Javier Ferias as well as the Meet-The-Artist Reception.

Where the acoustics happen…

Ready for the Pre-Concert Lecture?

Sound check.

Pre-Concert Lecture: Javier Ferias

Meet-The-Artist Reception

Master Class: Rene Izquierdo at Montgomery College, Rockville

Friday, November 18, 2016, the International Conservatory of Music’s Outreach and Education program, in partnership with Montgomery College, Rockville (Maryland), presented Rene Izquierdo in a Master Class with 5 registered students and an audience of interested listeners.

Rene Izquierdo, CUBA, performs November 19, 2016


ri_med_sqRene Izquierdo’s effortless musicianship makes him one of the most admired guitarists of his generation. Recognized in Cuba from an early age as an extraordinary talent, Izquierdo began his education in Cuba, graduating from the Conservatorio Guillermo Tomás, the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán and the Superior Institute of Art in Havana. Izquierdo came to the United States to continue his studies at Yale, where he earned a Master of Music degree and an Artist Diploma degree.

In a rapid ascent from student to seasoned performer, Izquierdo has appeared as a soloist and in chamber music concerts throughout the United States, Cuba and Europe. He has shared the stage with such greats as guitarist Eliot Fisk, flutist Ransom Wilson, soprano Lucy Shelton, and saxophonist Paquito d’Rivera. Renowned composers such as Jorge Morel and Carlos Rivera have dedicated works to him.

Izquierdo is the winner of many competitions in the US and Europe, including the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Competition, the Extremadura International Guitar Competition, the Schadt String Competition, and the Stotsenberg International Guitar Competition. He is currently professor of classical guitar at the Wisconsin State University.

Izquierdo has created a special program for his concert on the John E. Marlow Series, devoting first half of the program to classical repertoire, and the second half to Cuban music, including classical arrangements of many of the country’s most famous popular songs.

Concert is Saturday November 19 at 8pm, at the Westmoreland Congregational Church, 1 Westmoreland Circle, Bethesda, MD, with the John E. Marlow Guitar Series.

Izquierdo will teach a master class on Friday November 18, 5pm at Montgomery College Rockville Campus. The class is open to the public.


For more information, call (301) 799-4028 and/or tickets, visit the Marlow website

Audience Review: Jason Vieaux, USA

Jason Vieaux, October 22nd, 2016

It could not have been a better start to Marlow’s 23rd season. Jason Vieaux, co-founder of the Curtis Institute of Music’s Guitar Department in Philadelphia, set a strong precedent for artists who will follow in the 2016-2017 line up. But many performers Marlow has featured year after year have left such a lasting impression on Washington’s music scene.

Last Saturday, however, was a great joy to the collective ear. It’s hard to know where to start, but I’m going to start with what came last, the encore. If one had the ability to wait for it, and nearly all in attendance did, you couldn’t help but be memorably touched by Mr. Vieaux’s original interpretation of the classic song released in 1967, “It’s a Wonderful World.”

After the well known Tarrega and Albeniz works at the start of the evening, the Barrios and Brower near the end of the program, and the smashing Ellington “In a Sentimental Mood” as the last bit, one would think the program couldn’t be topped. Think again – what a delicious dessert we were served in that darling encore first recorded by Louis Armstrong during one of our country’s more turbulent political and cultural times. Maybe it could serve as a calming balm during our current political discord.

What can one say, though, about a performer whose classical repertoire includes jazz and popular greats delivered just as convincingly and assuredly as Segovia’s “Estudio Sin Luz”?   Why should we be surprised about Jason’s versatility? But, we were, and very pleasantly so – so much so, that not one of his CD’s was left on the table by evening’s end. That’s a statement. Let’s hope he returns soon. The booking should commence now!

P.S. Don’t miss Rene Izquierdo of Cuba on November 19th. See you there!

– Deborah Dreyer

Tickets for Rene’s performance available:

Roland Dyens, France

Dear Board and friends,

The guitar world learned today the very sad news that Roland Dyens has passed away. He was a dear friend of the Marlow Series, playing for us 7 times (the very first Marlow concert I ever attended was a performance of his). I had recently been in touch with Roland’s manager Russ about his 2017-18 US tour dates and availability.

Although Roland looked very frail when I saw him last summer in Germany, he had great energy and warmth when he spoke about the Marlow Series, especially of Tim, Susan, Charlotte and David. He said his favorite story was driving with Tim on the highway and hitting a deer. Despite the terrible noise and the cracked windshield Tim’s quiet reaction of “Uh-oh” was to Roland the height of cool.

Roland’s contribution to the guitar world as a performer and composer is beyond measure. He leaves us with hundreds of works that expanded the palette of color possible in classical guitar, blending improvisation with exacting technique. Always free and expressive sounding, his scores reveal great care and detail of instructions so that performers could understand his unique vision for sound.

We have lost a great artist and Marlow friend, but his spirit and music will stay with us. We are so fortunate to have those wonderful performances in our memories.

Danielle Cumming, Artistic Director
The John E. Marlow Guitar Series

PICTURE GALLERY from October 13, 2012

PICTURE from 2010

A single drawing by International Conservatory of Music board member, Neil Doherty, 2010.