A slight name change…

Dear friends,

You may have heard this already through email or on Facebook or Twitter, but we just wanted to share our decision, again, to let you know we have changed what we call the name of the umbrella organization, the International Conservatory of Music, to:

Marlow Guitar International

The organization has grown a bit and plans to grow a little further, although our mission remains the same as before: Creating Community Through Music : Drawing people together for entertainment, education, and inspiration.

Our logos:

Marlow Guitar International for print
Marlow Guitar International for            social media

All of our individual programs remain the same.

What will happen to the International Conservatory of Music name? Since it does have a history all of its own, Tim Healy will retain the name and may revive it for a project of his own.

Marlow Membership?

Greetings, friends.

You may have already heard about the new Membership option that we have begun. You may ALREADY be a Member!

There are three different membership levels, starting at just $50 per year, and all of them give you the ability to buy Marlow Series tickets before they go on sale to the general public. (This is applicable only for the start of the year, often July of each year).  There are other benefits as well, including early notice of house concerts, the Marlow Serenades, and the chance to get free tickets to introduce friends to the Marlow Series.  Membership fees are tax-deductible, and they help support not only the Marlow Series but also our education and outreach programs.  See details below OR you can find out more information at this link:  http://marlowguitar.org/Donate/membership.asp.

If you want to join our Mailing list, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/tEz9H


Our purpose at Marlow Guitar International is to bring people together, enrich their lives and inspire their hearts to serve with us. We have helped hundreds of young people who have participated in our outreach and education programs, and our goal is to make a bigger impact in our community, helping more people.

Help us continue changing lives with music: Become a Member!
Select from four membership levels:

  • Gold Membership – $500
  • Silver Membership – $250
  • Bronze Membership – $50
  • Student Membership (college and conservatory students) – $25

All memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

To thank you for your support, we offer Members the following benefits:
 * Reserve your Marlow Guitar Series seats before tickets go on sale to the public

  • Gold members can purchase tickets starting July 10, 2017
  • Silver members can purchase tickets starting July 20, 2017
  • Bronze and Student members can purchase tickets starting July 30, 2017
  • Tickets go on sale to the public August 10, 2017

 * Bring friends to Marlow Guitar Series concerts
This season, we are offering free bring-a-friend tickets to the following concerts:

    • Richard Miller with Deborah Watts and Joao Figueiroa (October 21, 2017)
    • Meng Su (November 18, 2017)
    • Lukasz Kuropaczewski (February 24, 2018)
    • Rhythm Future Quartet (March 24, 2018)
    •   – Gold members receive a total of four bring-a-friend tickets;
    •   – Silver members receive a total of two bring-a-friend tickets;
    •   – Bronze members get the chance to win two bring-a-friend tickets;
      – Student members get the chance to win one bring-a-friend ticket.

 * Attend house concerts and other special events   – Gold and Silver members get two free tickets to a house concert   – All members can reserve spaces at house concerts and other special events before they are offered to the public

Photos: ICM’s Board of Director’s Retreat

The International Conservatory of Music (ICM)’s Board of Director invited Dr. Matthew Hinsley from the Austin Classical Guitar Society to speak.



Thank you, Matthew, so very much. Thank you to Duane Morse for organizing retreat and thank you to Charlotte Kuenen and David Kirstein for hosting. Thank you to the Board Members for coming and for your whole-hearted and enthusiastic participation.

Looking forward to our next steps.

Outreach Photos: Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser at Einstein High School

April 24, 2017



Photo Gallery: Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser

Sound Check!

Seth Kibel in the Pre-Concert Lecture

Guy Van Duser signs a CD for a listener

Billy Novick and listener

Audience Reflections: Margarita Escarpa, Classical Guitarist from SPAIN

ME_Med_SQMargarita Escarpa performance March 18, 2017

by Deborah Drayer

The John E. Marlow Series had nearly a full house on Saturday as Margarita Escarpa graced Westmoreland Congregational Church with its magnificent acoustics and a program of Spanish and Mexican music punctuated by Wolfgang Lendle’ stunning take on Caprice No.24 by Paganini. We often hear Spanish music from guitarists of varying nationalities, but hearing it direct from this genuinely accomplished Spaniard was an extra special treat. While many of us are more familiar with the likes of Rodrigo, Albeniz, Ponce, Tarrega and Piazzolla however, it was the Variations Capricieuses d’apres Paganini that demanded the most technically of Margarita even as some variations leaned into the humorous for effect.

The Lendle Paganini arranges the original thematic material for solo violin for the modern acoustic guitar, introducing fingering Paganini himself might have found challenging had he been a guitarist. Scales and arpeggios fly off the strings with enormous effect but only if both of the artist’s hands are up to it. Fortunately for the assembled, Ms. Escarpa had no difficulty meeting the challenge and any less calloused player would have walked away with a box of band aids in their pockets. But, Margarita needed no first aid and came back for the second half of the program with fingertips intact and serenaded us with habaneras and tangos by Tarrega, Sainz de la Maza and Piazzolla, as well as Ponce’s now rarely performed Variations sur “Folia de Espanaet Fuge.

Margarita was the last of our classical guitarists on this season’s program but Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser will end the season on an upbeat swing-jazz note you won’t want to miss. So make a calendar note for April 22 at 8:00 p.m. at WCC on the Westmoreland Circle.

Minor edits provided by ICM.