Where in the World?


In preparation for a recent grant, someone asked where our guitarists have come from so, we listed the countries – wow!

China, Republic of

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Soundcheck Photo & Audience Review : Zoran Dukic, Classical Guitarist from Croatia

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I greatly enjoyed Zoran Dukić’s recital last night. The audience reaction was phenomenal before he even started to play. I don’t ever remember applause that had a performer stand up a second time after a piece at the Westmoreland Church, and on at least four occasions at that! I would rate him among the top 2-3 guitarists who have played at the Church.

Dukić performed with sensitivity and was able to differentiate between melody line and accompanying voices which were much softer. I was particularly impressed where he let the sound of a single note slowly vanish at the end of one of his pieces—into thin air.

It was gratifying to be exposed to the music of Antonio José, both from Larry Snitzler’s excellent lecture and Dukić’s performance of José’s Sonata. Based on that, I’d place him among the best of Spanish composers. I was also impressed with the quality of Dukić’s choice of contemporary composers.

I have never been able to understand foreign artists when they speak at these concerts (except Berta Rojas) and have always thought that surtitles would alleviate the problem. (They have it at operas, why not guitar concerts?) But at least they had mikes. I was expecting an unintelligible foreign accent from Dukić but was pleasantly surprised when he spoke perfect American English! A mike would have helped. Judging from the laughter from the first six rows his humor was understood. Unfortunately I didn’t’ get it from row K.

It was an unforgettable evening.

– Bob Scharf

We’re Turning 21!

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The John E. Marlow Guitar Series announces new Director

Danielle_Cumming_photo-smThe ICM/John E. Marlow Guitar Series announces that Danielle Cumming will take over directorship of the concert series from Regis Ferruzza, who served as Artistic Director for 20 years. Mr. Ferruzza announced his retirement during the 20th anniversary season of the concert series, which is dedicated to enriching the musical life of residents of metropolitan Washington, D.C. through the presentation of international artists and emerging young players, in concert and through Education Outreach programs.

Mr. Ferruzza was an eminent figure at all Marlow concerts since the series was founded. “The Board has noted that I have a big suit to fill,” said Cumming. “Certainly Mr. Ferruzza’s work and aesthetic sensibilities have shaped classical guitar in Washington.”

Danielle Cumming brings to the series a background in performance, education and concert presentation. She is an active guitarist and recording artist, and is the founder and director of the Guitar Festival and the “Guitar in the Gallery” concert series at Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, where she is an Associate Professor. Dr. Cumming frequently serves as an adjudicator at international guitar competitions and as a teacher of master classes at festivals in the US, Canada and Germany. She holds a Doctorate in Music Performance from McGill University and a Masters in Performance from the University of Toronto, where she studied with the renowned guitarist, Norbert Kraft.

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