What’s a Music Clip Card?

Kotronakis Music Clip Card

What IS a Music Clip Card?

A music clip card, developed especially for the performers in the 2011-2012 John E. Marlow Guitar Series Season, will enable anyone with a smartphone and QR code reader to listen to a music clip of the performer on the card!

This particular card features Dimitris Kotronakis, the classical guitarist from Greece, performing this Saturday, November 19th.  If you have a smartphone and a free QR code reader (app), you can scan the bar code and be treated to the music clip we have provided on our website, http://www.marlowguitar.org.

These cards (one for every performer in this Season) will be on display at our concerts. Feel free to take and share with friends, family, and anyone interested in hearing a short music clip of our artists.  These QR codes will last as long as the link to our website lasts, so enjoy it while you can!

Hope to see you this Saturday!

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