A Toast to Tim and Susan Healy by David Kirstein

Written by David Kirstein. Introduction written by Danielle Cumming, Artistic Director in a post on the John E. Marlow Guitar Series Facebook page.

This toast to Tim and Susan by David Kirstein was one of the many wonderful tributes today, celebrating this special community and the achievements of the past 20+ years: 
“I have been asked to say a few words about Tim and Susan.

The first word that came to mind is family. Tim and Susan are the doting parents of the big a growing family that is the John Marlow Guitar series.
22 years and by my count 130 concerts so far featuring the world’s best guitarists:

Berta Rojas, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Roland Dyens, Margareta Escarpa, Pepe Romero, Xuefei Yang, David Russell – and these wonderful performers just scratch the surface. 
These artists come as performers and leave as friends – Part of the Marlow series family – eager to return again and again. 

Why – because Tim and Susan embrace them as family and part of our community.
Their achievement is “epic” (which according to my millennial son is way more amazing than awesome.)
The next word I thought of was Fortitude. Can you imagine for one minute working on a project of this magnitude with Regis at your side for 21 years!
And that of course led to the word – Patience – which Susan must be blessed with in abundance – keeping the whole ship afloat with Tim and Regis at the helm.
How we got here today was a lifetime in the making. While most of us Easterners do not immediately associate Wyoming with classical music it was ever present in Tim’s home.
He came to Washington to study with the Jesuits at Georgetown U and met Susan in 1965 under most unusual circumstances. It seems they both lived on a quiet little street in Georgetown when one evening shots rang out. Susan and her roommate stuck their heads out the window only to hear someone aka Tim shout “get back – he still has 2 shots left.” In 1965, only someone from Wyoming would have known that!
Married in 1970 they spent time in Boston. Tim studied at the New England Conservatory of Music where he majored in corny jokes and minored in guitar. Eventually and with great luck for us, they returned to DC around 1980, with ideas about bringing music of all types to the public.  
The sudden and very sad loss of John Marlow, did have a silver lining as the Washington guitar community came together in tribute. Tim, Regis and Wade Dunn said let’s try this again and again and again…
And now we are here today to say thank you Tim and Susan for giving so much so we all can enjoy the mysteries and enchantment of the classical guitar.”

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