Berta Rojas’ performance and Thanks

With the thunderous standing ovations for Berta Rojas’ performance, our 18th season draws to a close.  It’s been a wonderful season, filled with great music from around the world.  We started in China with XueFei Yang and her world premiere of our Board member and good friend, Dr. Chien-Tai Chen’s new piece, Tango Tomorrow, written expressly for XueFei. Carlos Perez, on the crest of 200 years of Chilean independence, played a lovely program which include Chilean folk songs as arranged by Carlos and dedicated to the brave miners who survived that mining disaster.

After the new year, we welcomed Trio Bolero to our stage and heard the wonderful arrangements of Dr. Miroslav Loncar (guitar) for two guitars and cello in ensemble with Natasa Klasinc-Loncar (guitar) and Rebekah Johnson (cello), and a reactivation of an ensemble from a decade ago.  Then Yuri Liberzon, the well traveled guitarist from Siberia arrived and introduced us to music from Eastern Europe.  Mark Ashford from England played musical arrangements in a most spectacular fashion in spite of his affliction of Focal Dystonia.  And the final performance of Berta to a sold out house.

It’s been another great season and we rejoice that we are lucky enough to be able to do this and get away with it, once again.  We are hammering out our contracts for next season and will announce it shortly, possibly by this blog.

Thanks to all of you for making this a highly successful series and we look forward to seeing you again next year.  If you didn’t subscribe in the past, consider subscribing in the future.  It helps us to know who is coming and how much we can afford to advertise.


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