27 Countries!

We just did a tally. Amazing to think of it, isn’t it?

27 Countries represented in the John E. Marlow Guitar Series over the past 22 years ( 6 concerts per year):

54 concerts representing the USA

14 Brasil

19 Spain

9 Paraguay

1 Argentina

3 Venezuela

2 Bulgaria

7 France

6 Cuba

4 UK

5 Australia

2 Greece

2 Belgium

1 Sardinia

2 Scotland

1 Germany

4 Ireland

2 Italy

7 Croatia

1 Canada

3 Israel

1 Turkey

3 Chile

3 China

1 Mexico

2 Poland

1 Taiwan

List of December Fun: Recommended Movies and Documentaries

© 2015 Meagan Healy – Two Guitarists

Happy New Year!

During the month of December, we posted some recommendations for documentaries or movies  on our social media featuring the music business. We are included 3 documentaries or interviews with Andrés Segovia at the end, because he is so inspiring.

Thank you for all of your support, we wish you the best for the New Year and here is to many more musical performances!

To Begin

#1: All Things Must Pass – Tower Records – So new, it’s still showing in theaters. The closest one is in Winchester, VA on January 6th. http://www.towerrecordsmovie.com/ (In Theaters)

#2: Amy (movie/documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018H3AVX2 (Online Streaming)

#3: Amadeus (movie) – http://www.amazon.com/Amadeus-Directors-Cut-Murray-Abraham/dp/B003WQT2YY/ (Online Streaming)

#4: It Might Get Loud – (documentary) https://vimeo.com/74587704 (Online Streaming) 
http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/It-Might-Get-Loud/70109084?trkid=222336 (DVD Netflix)
http://www.amazon.com/Might-Get-Loud-Jimmy-Page/dp/B0030SCPZ2 (Online Streaming)

#5: Immortal Beloved (movie) – http://www.amazon.com/Immortal-Beloved-Gary-Oldman/dp/B001E93XJG (Online Streaming, also avail on Google Play)

#6: Standing In The Shadow of Motown (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/Standing-Shadows-Motown-Funk-Brothers/dp/B000KHG020 (Amazon Prime)

#7: Anvil! The Story of Anvil (documentary) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mvdskQku8w (Online Streaming)

#8: Twenty Feet From Stardom (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/Feet-From-Stardom-Bruce-Springsteen/dp/B00H8AX7R8 (Online Streaming)

#9: The Wrecking Crew (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/Wrecking-Crew-Brian-Wilson/dp/B00UMX6WPC/ (Online Streaming)

#10: Love And Mercy (movie) – http://www.amazon.com/Love-Mercy-Elizabeth-Banks/dp/B01584IQRQ (Online Streaming)

#11: The Recyclers The Recyclers: From trash comes triumph – 60 Minutes Videos – CBS News http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-recyclers-from-trash-comes-triumph/

#12: From Mao to Mozart (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/From-Mao-Mozart-Isaac-Stern/dp/B0000524FI (dvd)

#13: Some Kind of Monster: Metallica (documentary) – http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Metallica-Some-Kind-of-Monster/70000097 (DVD Netflix)

#14: Far From The Lighted Stage (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/Rush-Beyond-Lighted-Stage-DVD/dp/B003J27WFW (DVD)
– http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Rush-Beyond-the-Lighted-Stage-Bonus-Material/70142063 (DVD Netflix)

#15: Respect Yourself, The Stax Story (documentary) – http://www.amazon.com/Respect-Yourself-Stax-Records-Story/dp/B000UD2K32/ (DVD)
Respect Yourself, The Stax Story (documentary) – http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/The-Stax-Records-Story/70082005 (DVD Netflix)

EXTRA – Tous les Matins du Monde (movie) – http://www.amazon.com/Tous-Matins-Monde-Gerard-Depardieu/dp/B00GMNZ8A6/ (Online Streaming)

*** Classical Guitar ***

#1: Andrés Segovia: The Song of the Guitar
http://www.openculture.com/2013/04/iandres_segovia_song_of_the_guitari_beautifully_filmed_at_the_alhambra.html (Online Streaming)

#2: Andrés Segovia at Los Olivos http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xumt8i_andres-segovia-at-los-olivos_music (Online Streaming)

#3: Andrés Segovia: In Portrait
http://www.amazon.com/Andres-Segovia-Portrait-Christopher-Nupen/dp/B000AOGMHQ (DVD)

Outreach: Classical Guitarist from Taiwan, Chia-Wei Lin at James Blake High School, Silver Spring, MD


On November 24, 2015, Chia-Wei Lin performed for students at James Blake High School in Silver Spring, MD as part of our Visiting Artist at School Program.

This program was developed to enhance music education and increase awareness of classical guitar by bringing the very best guitarists to schools in our area.  Chia-Wei Lin performed pieces by Johann Kaspar Mertz and Marek Pasieczny, shared his experience as a young classical guitarist performing in many different countries and told personal stories about his life growing up in Taiwan.

The students were part of electric guitar class, and never had heard a world class guitar player performing so close. The music director enjoyed very much and offered for next time the possibility  to organize a bigger meeting in the main auditorium with all the performing arts students from the school.

Joao Figueiroa


Review: Classical Guitarist Chia-Wei Lin, Taiwan



Review of the Chia-Wei Lin Classical Guitar performance, World Journal.
(See World Journal here)

English Translation:

“To me, playing the guitar is a way to help people realize the meaning of life…” said the young guitarist, Chia-Wei Lin, from Taiwan following his recital on Nov. 24, 2015. He was invited by the “John E. Marlow Guitar Series” (a program of the International Conservatory of Music), to perform at the acoustically excellent Westmoreland Congregational Church, in Bethesda, Maryland, before a large and appreciative audience, gathered to enjoy Lin’s brilliant performance. He received two standing ovations and played an encore of Brazilian music, amidst phrases from the audience like “…amazing,” and “…remarkable.”

Lin, 27, was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and began his study of the guitar with his father when he was 4. He won 1st prize at the national children group’s classical guitar competition in Taiwan when he was 10. He then won his first, 1st place guitar competition on the international stage in Singapore when he was 16. Lin has participated in German’s huge international guitar competition three times, won the second place twice, and finally won the first place last year out of 138 participants.

After graduated from Fong-Shen High School, Lin Chia-Wei received a sponsorship from Mr. Liao Lu-Li, the CEO of Taiwan Radio and Mei-Jing Industrial Corp, which has allowed him to go abroad to study guitar in Germany for his fifth year abroad. Although Lin has been playing guitar for so many years, he is still faithfully practicing guitar for more than six hours every day. His first guitar CD is near completion, and will be for sale soon in Europe, the United States and beyond. Further, Lin will participate in the world’s highest level competition “The International Classical Guitar Competition” in the near future.

The Washington DC performance is Lin’s third one in the United States, following his performance at NYC’s Carnegie Hall (Weill theater) sponsored by the D’Addario Foundation for the Performing Arts.

After the Marlow series performance, many of the audience stayed for Lin’s autograph on their programs and posed for pictures with him. Many were amazed by Lin’s guitar skills especially at such a young age. Lin was extremely pleased and touched by the overwhelming praises, and very movingly noted, “It is a great honor to be invited to perform here” he said afterwards.

The minister from the Republic of China’s embassy, K. C. Lee, was there to show support for Lin’s performance. As a special guest for the evening, Mr. Lee was asked to help in the presentation of his donated prizes for the audience including the phenomenal calendars from the Palace Museum in Taipei for the coming year. Minister Lee stated, “… tonight we feel and see a bright light for Taiwan in Lin’s extraordinary performance”.

Lin Chia-Wei humbly mentioned that “Guitar is the dominant thing in my life, and I am fortunate to have started this career path at a very young age.”

Lin admitted that classical guitar is not very well known in Asia or the world, though it is highly regarded in Taiwan. To him, learning the classical guitar not only can introduce the instrument to many others, but also can showcase the exquisite oriental music on the international stage. That was the reason for his choice of “Tango Tomorrow” and “I Am My Lover’s”, two classical works written recently by the famous violinist and composer, Dr. Chien-Tai Chen, who lives in the DC metro area. Lin expressed his desire to let more people understand Taiwan through this and other music for the guitar.

-Danny Hsueh and Tim Healy


林家瑋 用吉他奏出人生路
December 2, 2015, 6:05 am 299 次

「吉他於我的意義,不如說是我藉由吉他讓更多人找到生命的意義」。來自台灣的青年吉他演奏家林家瑋,日前應美國吉他協會「John E. Marlow Guitar Series」邀請,在馬里蘭州貝薩斯達(Bethesda)的「Westmoreland Congregational」大教堂演奏。逾千名聽眾為他精湛的琴聲陶醉,自發起立鼓掌之餘,還頻頻驚嘆「Amazing」。





不過林家瑋坦言,古典吉他不管是在亞洲還是在其他音樂圈,都算比較邊緣的樂器。而他學吉他,一方面是讓更多人認識到古典吉他,另一方面也希望把「東方人的音樂展現在國際舞台上,表演給外國人聽」。這也是為何他在當晚曾演奏「Tango Tomorrow」、「I am My Lover’s」,均出自華府著名小提琴家、作曲家陳建台之手。林家瑋表示,希望能用音樂,讓更多人認識台灣。


《《 回上一頁閱讀前文……此次來大華府地區表演,是林家瑋第三次來美公開演奏。表演結束後,熱情的聽眾紛紛拉著他合影、簽名,並盛讚他小小年紀就有如此技藝。成功演出也令林家瑋既感激又興奮,他說:「第一次獲得這樣熱烈掌聲,能受邀來表演十分高興」。



不過林家瑋坦言,古典吉他不管是在亞洲還是在其他音樂圈,都算比較邊緣的樂器。而他學吉他,一方面是讓更多人認識到古典吉他,另一方面也希望把「東方人的音樂展現在國際舞台上,表演給外國人聽」。這也是為何他在當晚曾演奏「Tango Tomorrow」、「I am My Lover’s」,均出自華府著名小提琴家、作曲家陳建台之手。林家瑋表示,希望能用音樂,讓更多人認識台灣。


December Fun!

© 2015 Meagan Healy - Two Guitarists
© 2015 Meagan Healy – Two Guitarists

It’s December and it’s cold, chilly, it gets dark at 4pm and EVERYONE is having parties on the SAME day. Sometimes, it would be nice to just sit back and RELAX.

Had a conversation recently with one of our Board Members, Duane Morse.

What was the last movie you saw?

“I’ve been watching a lot of music related documentaries, lately”.

Really! Which ones?

We loved the list of ideas, so we crowd-sourced a few other Board Members and Directors and came up with a nice assortment of documentaries, movies, and shows that represent all kinds of music, not only classical.

We will be posting the titles, one-a-day on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, for as long as the list lasts, starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 10th.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these :

  • Have you seen them?
  • What did you think?
  • Do you have one that you would definitely recommend and why?
  • Did they offer any insights into the music business for you?

Will create a blog post with the entire list at the end of December, including 2 Andrés Segovia documentaries (available for online streaming) as a treat.

Warm up, stay warm, and enjoy the recommendations!

Meagan Healy (Social Media for John E. Marlow Guitar Series)

Outreach: Marco Socias, Classical Guitarist from Spain – Hagerstown, MD

On Friday October 23, 2015, internationally renowned guitarist Marco Socias visited the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts in Hagerstown, Maryland, where he shared stories and played selections from Spanish guitar repertoire for over 100 attentive students. The mission of the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts is to provide every student with a rigorous, comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum rooted in intense, pre-professional training in the arts that encourages excellence and success in their personal development as students, artists and cultural leaders. 1

Mr. Socias’ visit supported this mission by showcasing a world-class level of classical guitar performance to an audience of students from various arts disciplines. He shared his expertise about effective practice habits,discussed his lifestyle and extensive travels as a professional performing artist,and offered the opportunity for high school students to engage in a session of questions and answers. In addition to his remarkable musicianship, Mr. Socias’ warm personality and enthusiasm contributed to the positive response from the students, faculty and administration in attendance. For at least one pupil majoring in guitar studies, Mr. Socias’ performance was her first experience hearing live, classical guitar outside of the practice room.

Candice Mowbray

1 Retrieved from http://wcpsmd.com/schools/high-schools/barbara-ingram-school-arts/about, December 9, 2015.


Photos: Classical Guitarist Marco Socias, Spain

Spanish guitarist Marco Socías endeared himself to the John E. Marlow Guitar audience in 2012 with a flawless concert featuring beautiful renditions of Spanish compositions. We welcomed back this remarkable artist in November.

“Marco Socías’ music breathes sweetness and sensitivity. His easy command makes the public forget the traditional difficulties of the instrument. Marco Socías is not a guitar virtuoso. He is even more: a virtuoso of music itself.”
El Sol